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It all started 
making different styles of jerky for our own personal cravings. We found that most store bought jerky was terrible for you and wanted to consume a healthier jerky, so we did. Pretty soon, the question started rolling in, "Where did you get this jerky!?" So we began making some for friends and family who desired our wonderful hard work. Then came the idea that maybe the world needs to try this, and that is what we are trying to accomplish.‚Äč

BounceJerky is made with our home made sauce that includes several organic spices, naturally brewed

gluten-free soy sauce, locally farm raised honey and other all natural ingredients. The pepper used in this jerky is hand crushed, not ground or grinded  Next, It is smoked using apple, hickory or cherry wood-chips until perfectly tender and uncontrollably good! The last step is packaging the jerky into eco friendly paper bags that contain oxygen absorbers to help maintain freshness.  

Our jerky does not contain any Gluten, Nitrates, Nitrites, Artificial preservatives, MSG or GMOs.

The only preservatives are Kosher salt and the Smoking process keeping our jerky as natural as possible.

With our original recipes, we hope to reach beyond your expectations and redefine the definition of what it is to eat good jerky. 
This jerky is prepared with care in a clean and safe environment that is in compliance with USDA regulations. 

Purchase this jerky with confidence knowing you are getting top quality preparation and ingredients!